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SST™ X-Feeder

If you already own a Series P or Series EP machine using the Thermac integrated feeder, we offer this new feeder as an easy plug & play upgrade to your machine. The SST X-Feeder is an add-on system meant to replace both the integrated vibratory powder feeder system as well as the Thermac integrated system originally connected to the Series P and Series EP systems. 


  • Feed rate: up to 120 g/min, depending on spray material
  • Double canister with powder capacity of 1000 ml per canister
  • Novel non-pressurized powder feeding
  • User-friendly touch screen on the control cabinet that allows the user to manually interact with the X-Feeder
  • Remote control capability from the standard Series P HMI control panel
  • Positively pressurized control cabinet with pressure monitoring to keep electronics free of metal particles
  • Portable control cabinet on wheels with easy handling 570mmx510mmx1120mm / 70 Kg
  • Static grounding to dissipate static charges