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UltiLife™ and UltiFlow™ Modular Nozzles

CenterLine SST nozzle systems consist of two-part user-friendly components; a non-consumable nozzle holder -which houses the converging and orifice (throat) of the DeLaval system, and a consumable modular nozzle with the diverging section of the system.

The UltiLife™ and UltiFlow™ Modular Nozzles are two unique and practical nozzle families that provide optimal performance for an assortment of industrial operating conditions.

The UltiLife™ nozzle is ideal for spraying hard or abrasive materials. The nozzles are manufactured from high wear-resistant materials, extending their service life and providing significant savings in operating costs.

The UltiFlow™ nozzle is manufactured from engineered materials that provide anti-clogging properties. UltiFlow™ is ideal for applications that require spraying with certain soft materials. By minimizing nozzle clogging, the UltiFlow™ helps to decrease downtime and improving overall powder use efficiency.

Both nozzle families can be easily connected to either a straight holder or a 90° holder. CenterLine SST nozzle holders come with either 2.0 mm or 2.5 mm DeLaval orifices, as well as in standard or enhanced vacuum (EV) configurations. The latter enables the use of non-pressurized powder feeders beyond 200 psi (14 bar) of gas pressure. Non-consumable nozzle holders are made of durable high wear-resistant alloys. The replacement of consumable Modular Nozzles into their respective holder requires minimum tools, thanks to a spring-loaded bayonet nut system.

The UltiLife™ and UltiFlow™ Modular Nozzles provide:

  • A choice of nozzle systems to coat with either pure or hard/abrasive materials
  • An improved nozzle change-over process that:
    • reduces the risk of damaging parts
    • may be performed even if the system is still hot with basic protective gear
    • requires minimum tools
    • is automation friendly
  • A nozzle system that meets performance expectations and reduces operating costs in industrial applications  
   UltiLife™ UltiFlow™
Application Hard or abrasive materials           Pure materials         
Orifice Sizes 2.00 mm and 2.50 mm
Nozzle Length 70 mm and 120 mm
Nozzle Styles Straight and 90 Deg.
System Adaptability SST Portable and SST Robotics
Orientations Unlimited
Maximum Operating Temperature 550°C 500°C
Maximum Pressure 35 bars (500 PSI)

**The UltiFlow and UltiLife systems are not interchangeable with the enhanced vacuum (EV) holders.

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