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About SST

With over 60 years of business experience, CenterLine continues to develop advanced production automation technologies and processes that assist our customers in maintaining their competitive advantage.

CenterLine's Supersonic Spray Technologies Division (SST) develops and markets cold spray products and services for a wide range of applications in a variety of industries. 

Through its various operations, the CenterLine group of companies have the capabilities to satisfy standard and custom production system needs for numerous manufacturing technologies including: resistance, MIG and laser welding, metalforming and cold spray coating applications.

The products and services supplied by SST include:


  • Portable and cabinet Cold Spray machines
  • Robotic Cold Spray systems
  • Turnkey Cold Spray solutions integrated into manufacturing processes
  • Ventilation systems for Cold Spray machines


  • Nozzle systems
  • Standard and custom blended feedstock and abrasive powders


  • Dust collection systems
  • Cabinets and booths


  • Job shop services
  • On-site contract Cold Spray services
  • Training on the use of Cold Spray machines
  • Process development and R&D assistance
SST can leverage the capabilities of the entire CenterLine organization to satisfy equipment or manufacturing requirements, such as:
  • Multi-axis turning, milling, grinding, and forming operations to produce your prototype or production parts.
  • Turnkey manufacturing systems employing assembly, forming, machining, material handling, and welding operations.