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SST™ Standard Systems

SST offers several equipment configurations including manual and robotic systems in either portable or stationary designs. Our systems provide maximum versatility and cost-effectiveness and a comprehensive list of available features and optional accessories help to satisfy nearly any customer requirement. Our practical solutions cover any need from stand-alone cabinets suitable for process development and small part repair to full-blown industrial production solutions.

The following standard products are available:
SST X-Feeder
SST PX Split Cabinet
SST PX/EPX Cartesian Cabinet
SST Walk-In Spray Booth
SST PX/EPX Multi-Axis Robotic System

Several design elements and characteristics are common to all SST machine models:

  • Compressed air operating capabilities: 5.5 bar to 17.2 bar (80 to 250 psi)
  • Compliance with North American safety standards
  • Simple and convenient interface for setting control parameters
  • Non-pressurized, gravity-feed hoppers featuring easy "tool-less" cleaning
  • Lockable hopper door latch to safeguard against powder contamination
  • Online support and software updates
SST can also offer Custom Systems and fully automated cold spray coating systems.