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Cost Worksheet

SST's standard off-the-shelf equipment and feedstock powder solutions can be applied to a wide range of cold spray applications.  Some applications, however, may require process development and entirely custom powder configurations. Our Application specialists can evaluate your requirements and expectations.  In order to provide you with effective feedback and cost estimates, you shall provide the following information:

  • Substrate material type
  • Surface contour
  • Surface condition
  • Spray area
  • Desired spray material
  • Desired spray thickness
  • Number of pieces or production rate
  • Applicable performance requirements or quality standards, if available
Additionally, for job shop services, please also provide:
  • Part size and weight
  • Number of parts to be processed
  • Point of origin and destination
  • Any post-processing requirements (e.g., machining or finishing)
  • Lot tracking, packaging, and paperwork requirements
Our SST Application Engineers can help you navigate through your cold spray development project. Please contact us with information about your requirements or complete the on-line Application Request form to initiate a case file.