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Cold Spray Safety

DISCLAIMER:  Due to the range of uses and jurisdictions where SST products can be used, those responsible for the application and use of SST products must satisfy themselves that each application and use of SST products meet all local applicable laws, regulation codes, and standards.

The Cold Spray process is considered a Thermal spray process. The Cold spray process propels small solid particles at high velocities against a substrate to create a metal deposit. The process generates fugitive metal dust and noise levels that may be considered unsafe for operators. Therefore, safe thermal spray practices and procedures appropriate to the application and equipment, and as dictated by local codes and regulations, should be followed.

Generally, personal protective equipment, spray enclosures, dust collectors, ventilation, noise abatement, equipment interlocks, and other conditions are implemented to protect the operator’s health and Safety.

For most spraying applications, the following personal protective equipment (PPE)** items are recommended in addition to any other safety requirements:
  • Adequate eye protection, to prevent exposure of the eyes against dust, flying objects, and particles
  • Adequate respiratory protection, if powder or dust contamination is present
  • Appropriate gloves and clothing, to protect against cuts, abrasions, and contact with the powder
  • Adequate hearing protection to protect against noises levels associated with Cold Spray equipment

** CenterLine does not offer approved PPE. Please feel free to contact SST  if you need help in specifying or locating these items.

For further information related to Thermal Spray Health and Safety please consult your local authorities. General guidelines are also available from sources such as the following: