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SST™ Custom Systems

SST supplies standard cabinet model solutions for cold spray applications that benefit from containment of the spray process.

The cabinet models can be configured with a manual (handheld) gun or an automatic (robotic) gun, or both.
Typical external cabinet sizes are 91 cm (D) x 152 cm (W) x 175 cm (H) (36 in x 60 in x 69 in). The work area of 75 cm (D) x 150 cm (W) x 81 cm (H) (30 in x 59 in x 32 in) is suitable for parts that can be hand manipulated. Other sizes are also available.

The cabinet models can also be integrated with the SST Portable System to provide added cold spray capacity and flexibility. A dry element filtration system is standard. As an option, the dry element filtration system can be caster mounted so that the unit can easily be relocated to other areas. A water filtration/dust collection system is available as an option.

For small workpieces, SST offers a smaller cabinet model with window panels on the sides and top. The base cabinet size provides a 60 cm (D) x 75 cm (W) x 175 cm (H) (24 in x 30 in x 32 in) work area.

Contact SST to discuss your specific application and to receive assistance in configuring an SST Cabinet System suited to your needs.