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Industries Served

Cold Spray is an enabling technology for diverse applications in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

The following coating application descriptions are provided as a guideline to stimulate application development. The user is ultimately responsible to ensure that their application is not the subject of pending or issued intellectual property protection. The specific application must be evaluated to ensure the suitability of the process to achieve the desired results.

Automotive, Heavy Machinery and Power Generation

  • Engine block and head dimensional restoration and customization
  • Aluminum wheel cosmetic restoration
  • Vintage component restoration for Classic cars
  • Corrosion protection on and around fusion welds
  • Restoration of cast iron engine blocks


  • Airframe and wing skin repairs (e.g. dent repair, Alclad replacement)
  • General corrosion restoration and protection
  • Auxiliary component dimensional restoration
  • Landing strut restoration


  • Aluminum tooling repair
  • Interlayers for dissimilar welding
  • Thermoform tooling to match or change the base material thermal properties
  • Tooling fabrication
  • Electroform tooling replacement
  • Sputter target preparation
  • Placement of metal foams
  • Preplaced brazing and soldering filler metals

Mold and Tooling Repair

  • Kirksite die repair
  • Plastic injection mold restoration


  • Busbar fabrication for heated glass
  • Architectural and Artistic applications on glass


  • Corrosion repair
  • Hermetic sealing of containers
  • Sealing pressure vessels
  • Pump restoration
  • Electrical circuit transition joints
  • Generator repair

Electrical and Electronics

  • Spray forming of circuit conductors
  • Interlayers for ceramics or glass bonding
  • Bonded heat sinks
  • Embedded sensors
  • Power patterned connectors


  • Transition joints between copper and aluminum conductors
  • Turbine and pump restoration
  • In situ repair of large commutator surfaces
  • Corrosion protection
  • Implant surfacing
  • Anti-bacterial instrument and equipment coating
  • Electrode formation


  • Barrier coatings on mill components to prevent liquation cracking
  • Fabrication of bi-metal components
  • Repair of castings
This list is by no means exhaustive. There are many other applications being considered or employed in various other organizations. SST can assist you to evaluate your application so that you may begin to realize the benefits of the cold spray process.