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SST™ PX or EPX Cartesian Cabinet

Single large workspace fully automated cabinet for automatic spraying using either the SST Automatic P gun and PX spray controller or the SST EP Gun and EPX spray controller.  The cabinet comes with either PX or EPX configuration, master control, P or EP Automatic guns, XY cartesian robot, large safety view window, integrated downdraft ventilation, powder reclamation system, and all safety interlocks.  Excellent for development work and medium-size parts repair.

  • Cabinet for Cartesian XY Automatic Spraying
  • Work area 30” X 60” X 26”
  • Durable Non-Spark Aluminum Construction
  • 2 Axis Cartesian Robot 800 mm X 300 mm travel
  • Integrated Volumetric Powder Feeder

Safety Features

  • Integrated safety equipment
  • Cold Spray Control is interlocked to the Ventilation System
  • Integrated Air Dryer to produce Class 2 Air Quality for Cabinet and Gun pressurization