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SST™ PX or EPX Multi-Axis Robotic System

Features & Benefits 

  • PX or EPX Automatic Cold Spray units
  • Robotic Spray system
  • 7-AXIS robot with 24 kg capacity, Robot Suit for dust protection with blower to positively pressurize the Robot Suit, Cable management system, System Integration that allows maximum flexibility developing Cold Spray patterns, and spraying on various geometries
  • Rotary table with 200 lbs capacity and max. rpm of 50 and with servo 7th axis from robot control
  • OD: 8’-8” w x 5’-8” d x 6’-8” h
  • 4” thick type “H” wall, ceiling, and floor panel system for noise abatement 
  • 16 Ga solid exterior face, 4” acoustic fill, bonded mat
  • 22 Ga perforated inner face
  • Double door 84” w x 56” h, RH on 96” wall
  • Doors are 3-1/4” thick with double magnetic gaskets and stainless steel zero hinges
  • 24” w x 36” h double glazed (Limo Tint) window panel
  • One plenum 36” w x 36” h on 60” wall
  • One ceiling light with switch
  • Grey
  • Wet Dust Collection System that will provide minimum 5,000 CFM, and face velocity of 150 feet per minute within the cabinet