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SST Walk-In Booth

•    Custom designed 87” deep x 72” wide x 7.5 high booth enclosure complete with 6’ x 3.5’ x 3’ high work surface 
•    5000CFM Wet Dust Collector Unit
•    Integrated safety equipment
•    NEMA 12 electrical cabinet
•    Integrated air pressure regulators
•    1-year Manufacturer Warranty

Safety Features 

•    Interior of the booth is built to NFPA Standards for use in Class II Division 1 Group E Area
•    Worksurface air velocity exceeds 150 ft/min.
•    The extraction pipe velocity exceeds 4500 ft/min.
•    The dilution rate for dust produced by the Cold Spray process is more than 200 times below the minimum concentration level for ignition