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SST offers standard and custom blended powders formulated for surface repair and fabrication, corrosion protection, sealing, and surface cleaning applications. Our low-pressure cold spray feedstock powders are quite different than the powders formulated for high-pressure cold spray or thermal spray processes. SST powder blends may include constituents that ensure that the coating deposit has properties tailored to the application.
Note that ordinary spherical and heavily oxidized commercialized powders will not provide acceptable equipment performance or reliably applied coatings. For best results, you should only use SST powders that work best when sprayed with the SST Cold Spray equipment. All of our powder materials have been selected to have the right combination of particle size, shape, and purity.

Standard Powders

SST standard feedstock powders are ideal for surface repair and fabrication, corrosion protection, sealing, and surface cleaning applications. They are designed for use with SST Cold Spray equipment. 
Note: The setup parameters listed in the attached documents apply exclusively to CenterLine's SST Cold Spray equipment and are based on compressed air operation only. Contact CenterLine for suggested set-up parameters involving Nitrogen or other suitable gases, as the detailed parameters are not necessarily applicable to other cold spray processes.

Specialty Powders

SST has full-service powder development capabilities for designing custom blended cold spray powders. Our powders are engineered to satisfy precise application needs and for use with your specific SST equipment capabilities.

Contact SST's Engineering Department today to discuss your custom powder requirements. SST is ready to provide application development assistance and custom powder pricing for your proprietary cold spray coating needs.