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Powder Feeding Systems

Reliable and consistent powder feeding is one of the major challenges of processes that use finely divided metal powders. Fortunately, the low-pressure cold gas-dynamic spray is a reliable process that avoids the complexities of high-pressure powder injection. SST has a range of powder feeder system solutions, based on project needs.

Standard Powder Feeder System

Our dual-hopper, non-pressurized vibratory powder feeding system is integrated into all standard machines. When unlatched, each hopper swings down for easy loading and unloading of the feedstock powder containers.

The system delivers powders with particle sizes ranging from 10 µm to 50 µm at rates that are easily adjustable from 0.1 g/s to 0.9 g/s. These flow rates are well suited to the requirements of our nozzles. While being an open-loop feeding system, the SST system still delivers remarkably repeatable results.

Optional Powder Feeder System

When more demanding and consistent feed rate control is desired, either a volumetric or a gravimetric powder feeder can be integrated into our systems. An optional powder preheating feature is also available.

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