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Models PX & EPX

Introducing the PX & EPX Cold Spray Systems

The PX system incorporates improvements to the proven first generation Series P systems. The PX is ideal for spraying the full range of commercial powders and powder blends available from CenterLine.

The EPX system is an upgrade to the Series EP and now comes with an integrated powder feeder system. It is designed to cold spray at higher pressures for harder materials with a greater deposition efficiency. The EPX is ideal for spraying aluminum alloys, nickel and nickel alloys. 

The next generation of SST™ Cold Spray systems integrate the latest powder feeder system:
  • Non-pressurized feeder is non-clogging, and requires reduced maintenance
  • Powder feed consistency is independent of powder fill levels for dependable application performance
  • Feeders can easily be removed and filled in glove box or ventilated area
  • Less than 10 minutes needed for powder changeover
  • Feeder swap within 5 minutes to optimize run-time
  • Powder volume capacity 540 ml per feeder, 2 feeder canisters per machine
  • Powder feed rates up to 120 g/min compared to 80 g/min for the previous design

Technical Specifications

Contact CenterLine for detailed specifications or any additional technical information required.