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SST Capabilities

SST supplies a range of proprietary cold spray equipment, complementary devices, and consumables that are used to repair, restore, refinish and recoat manufactured products.
SST also dedicates R&D capabilities toward advanced cold spray developments to identify commercially viable applications for cold spray technology.  

Technology Competencies
Cold Spray Coatings - Corrosion protection, metal restoration, conductive layers (on glass) and wear abatement.

  • CNC Machining (Milling, Lathe, Boring, Grinding)
  • Equipment Assembly
  • Controls Programming
  • Electrical Design
  • Fabrication (frames, transfers, guarding)
  • Painting
  • Panel Build
  • Single and Multi-Station Assembly
  • Welding
  • Wire EDM
  • Polishing
  • Application Development
  • Custom Powder & Coating Development
  • Demo & Shows
  • Engineering Support
  • Equipment Selection
  • Machining Services
  • Metallurgical Analysis
  • On-site Spraying
  • Process Development
  • Research & Development
  • Trials, Short Run
  • Pro-E
  • Inventor
  • AutoCAD
Parts Experience
  • Metal restoration - Engine blocks, castings, molds and dies, weld seams, auto body repair, HVAC equipment, refrigeration equipment, heat exchangers.
  • Thermal barriers - aluminum piston heads, manifolds, disc brakes, aircraft engine components.
  • Thermal dissipation - copper or aluminum heat sinks for microelectronics.
  • Wear resistant coatings - metallic-ceramic matrix, solid lubricant matrix with base metals.
  • Electrically conductive coatings - copper or aluminum patches on metal, ceramic or polymeric components.
  • Localized corrosion protection - zinc or aluminum deposits on affected helms, weldments or other joints.
  • Biomedical coatings - biocompatible/bioactive materials on orthopedic implants, prostheses, dental implants.
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Cold Spray technology offers exciting opportunities for companies seeking a competitive advantage for their coating needs. With Cold Spray, users can streamline existing processes, increase value-added content, reduce scrap, and improve recycling and refurbishment activities. As an established supplier of Cold Spray solutions, CenterLine is a leader in providing commercial Cold Spray systems and services.

Cold Spray is considered part of the Thermal Spray family of processes and can be identified by a variety of industry terms such as: 
  • Cold Gas-Coating Technique
  • Cold Gas-Dynamic Method (CGDM)
  • Cold Gas-Dynamic Spray Technology (CGDS)
  • Cold Gas-Dynamic Spray Method (CGSM)
  • Cold Spray
  • Cold Spray Processing
  • Dymet® [Obninsk Center for Powder Spraying (OCPS)]
  • Gas-Dynamic Spray (GDS)
  • High Speed Particle Deposition
  • Kinetic Metallization® [Innovative Technology, Inc.]
  • Kinetic Spray Process
  • Kinetic Spray Coating
  • Kinetic Spray Coating Method
  • Supersonically Induced Mechanical Alloy Technology (SIMAT)
  • Vacuum Cold-Spray (VCS)
CenterLine has chosen to employ the term Low-Pressure Cold Gas-Dynamic Spray since it is unique, unambiguous, and communicates the exact nature of the process.  The term "pressure" is included in the process designation to distinguish CenterLine's proprietary system that uses commonly available compressed air rather than more complex systems that require the use of high-pressure inert gas.

CenterLine's family of commercial Low-Pressure Cold Gas-Dynamic Spray products and systems are marketed using the SST Cold Spray™ brand name.